The female model of the new era, Miss Nancy Chen who is a multi-talented, charming and beautiful chairwoman
Has been engaged in the marketing research for many years (Organization network marketing) ,specializing in the field of organizational network marketing. She has unique insights and she had published her research results over the years as a series of books regarding marketing theory and practices and these books have received great evaluation in the nation and overseas. Her persistent personality has driven her to constantly enrich herself and prepare for new challenges; her innovative personality and life attitude of never giving up are the foundations of the extraordinary achievements in various businesses of the Group.

The chairwoman has devoted herself to entrepreneurial planning since the beginning of her professional career. She had studied the professional marketing and consumer behavior in Japan and the United States. She had also served as the vice president and international professor of the ATS Education College in Japan and established the STS School of Management in the United States. The chairwoman has unique and incisive insights and extensive experience in marketing research, interpersonal communication and organizational capabilities. The chairwoman’s lecture and lesson always has extensive content that is beneficial to the audience and she had cultivated countless outstanding talents for domestic and overseas enterprises, including corporate leaders such as CEOs, and thus the chairwoman was awarded the honorary certificate for her marketing research results and the honorary doctorate by DR. THOMAS BOYD, principal of LAMBUTH COLLEGE in the United States.

The chairwoman is also dedicated to commerce and social contribution. In 1992, the chairwoman was invited by the South African President Frederik Willem de Klerk and represented the Taiwanese business association to visit the South African Presidential Office and the Air Force Base of Defense Ministry, and received the award of outstanding entrepreneur; in 2004, she won the SMEs Entrepreneur Achievement Gold Medal was also awarded the “Outstanding Asian business entrepreneur award” by the British Professional Management Association in the same year; she was also invited to join the global business conference regarding the global economic topics. Regardless in the United States, South Africa or mainland China, the chairwoman had implemented the concept of town creation, to create job opportunities, introduce advanced technology,and the plans were well supported by the local governments. In addition, the chairwoman also made contribution to the public affairs, charity, and cultural and creative industry as feedbacks to the society.

At the time with the popularity of the Internet of Things, the information exchange, interaction and communication on the network have been rapidly affect the changes in global economy. In order to be successful, the enterprises need to have creative thinking when facing the competition and challenges. Under the leadership of our chairwoman, the Charmante International Group takes advantage of its abundant group resources, adapts to the rapidly changing business environment with the business concept of “ in pursue of excellence and innovative services.” The Group will continue to expand its business domains based on the concept of “diversification and globalization,” as well as continue to share the economic achievement of business operations with the society.