About the group

Charmante International Group
Charmante International Group was originally founded in the east coast of Silicon Valley, San Francisco, USA. In 1982, the American Charmante Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded and it was dedicated to developing and producing high-concentration and environmentally friendly household cleaning products that are pollution-free. In 1986, the Shain De Rose gold skin care products and Carelife natural health food products were successively released in the international market and obtained high evaluations which had created the foundation for the diverse business operations of the Group.

Through the continuous breakthrough, advancement and innovation in technology by the professional team of the Group, and the extensive experience over the years have empowered the Group to extend its business in various domains from the research and development of household daily necessities, to various fields such as medical care, beauty biotechnology, fashion, real estate development, information technology, educational training, management and consulting, financial investment, tourism and immigration, recreational agriculture, entertainment, cultural and creative industry and books publishing. We are committed to continuously operating all of our brands within the business group with high-quality products and comprehensive services as feedback to the society and the general public.
The American Charmante International Group has offices all over the world, in addition to the venture capital headquarters in the U.S., the operating center for the real property investment and development is in South Africa, the medical and beauty research and development center for pure gold cosmetics in Tokyo, Japan, the operating headquarters in Linkou, Taipei, the operating headquarters in the World Trade Center of Shanghai and the operating branch office in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, etc.. The Group has fully achieved the mutual implementation of resources through the operations of the overseas investments holding center, to enhance the Group's competitive edge in the global market.

The Group has unique insights into the cross-strait business activities and market growth trend, and we had invested in real proper in Shanghai surrounding areas, as well as in the recreational eco-agriculture related industries and had received recognition and rewards from the local government. With the professional employees with expertise, excellent organizations, rich resources and the concept of sustainable management, the American Charmante International Group is expected to establish a comprehensive global enterprise with diversified businesses.